7 Boxing Day Marketing Ideas to Boost Your End-of-Year Sales

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Nov 13, 2023
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Kayla Ellman
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Use these strategies to wrap up the holiday shopping season—and the year—on a high note.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) will be here before we know it. And while the week-long shopping spree isn't behind us just yet, it's time to start planning for the next (and last) major retail holiday of the year: Boxing Day.

Historically, Boxing Day is the biggest holiday after BFCM in the UK, Canada, and Australia. But it's been gaining momentum outside of commonwealth countries, which means it's not just a revenue opportunity for international brands. US brands—with or without a global presence—can get in on this marketing moment, too. 

Not only is it the perfect time to launch sales that help clear out seasonal inventory and make room for new merchandise ahead of 2024. It's also a chance to nurture and build loyalty with all the new subscribers you gain during Cyber Week

Here are some ideas to inspire your Boxing Day marketing strategy, so you can keep the momentum going after BFCM and maximize your end-of-year revenue. 

What is Boxing Day?

Boxing Day (December 26) is a traditional gift-giving day that originated in the UK. Today, the holiday serves as a time to gather with loved ones, watch sports, and hunt for great deals—both in stores and online. 

Though it takes place the day after Christmas, many brands extend these post-holiday offers for weeks and use similar promotional strategies for their January sales.

1. ‍L'Occitane: Tailoring campaign messages by region

Boxing Day SMS campaign example from L'Occitane

French skincare brand L'Occitane customized their Boxing Day promotions based on their Canadian subscribers’ preferred language. Everyone got the same offer: 50% off, plus a free gift with orders over $85. But the French-speaking segment was excluded from the English version and instead received the same message in French, as required by SMS compliance laws in Canada.

Pro tip: This is easy to do with our platform's ability to target campaigns and triggered messages by location, or send messages to multiple regions simultaneously.

2. ‍Bully Bunches: Converting seasonal shoppers into subscribers

Boxing Day SMS sign-up unit and welcome message example from Bully Bunchesc

Natural dog chews brand Bully Bunches launched a Boxing Day sign-up unit on their website to grow both their email and SMS subscriber lists during the holiday. The seasonal background image and generous 40% off discount enticed shoppers to opt in and learn more.

After signing up, subscribers were greeted with a festive welcome message and coupon code to start shopping. The Canadian brand was already offering their existing subscribers 40% off for Boxing Day—so this strategy allowed them to incentivize new shoppers to join without having to offer them an additional discount.

3. ‍DUSK: Getting clever with their copywriting 

Boxing Day SMS campaign example from DUSK

On the most relaxing day of the year, chic homewares brand DUSK encouraged their customers to kick back and treat themselves to the best post-Christmas deals on their luxurious items. Since people often spend Boxing Day unwinding from the hustle and bustle of holiday celebrations, the timely message was the perfect way to inspire them to do a little shopping while enjoying the day off. 

4. Emma Sleep: Boosting clicks and conversions with bookending

Boxing Day SMS campaign example from Emma Sleep

Emma Sleep—the world’s largest DTC sleep company—announced their Boxing Day sale ‌two days early to maximize engagement and revenue from the promotion. They first messaged customers on Christmas Eve, playfully encouraging them to "get ahead of Santa" and take advantage of the major discount. Then, to capture the attention of anyone who hadn't shopped yet, the brand sent a reminder on the official holiday. 

Pro tip: Segmentation makes it easy to bookend your initial sale announcement and last-chance reminders, and avoid sending recent purchasers too many follow-up messages. 

5. ILIA Beauty: Turning the holiday into a multi-day sale event 

Boxing Day SMS campaign example from ILIA Canada

ILIA Canada launched a three-day Boxing Day Event to wrap up the holiday season and celebrate the new year on the horizon. On December 26, the clean beauty brand gave customers 20% off everything on the site, so they could stock up and refresh their makeup bags—but they only had until the 28th to shop. 

On the last day of the sale, ILIA created an even greater sense of urgency by reminding people that the offer would expire at midnight and throwing in free shipping as an extra incentive to purchase. 

6. Happiest Baby: Launching exclusive BOGO deals

Boxing Day SMS campaign example from Happiest Baby AU

Baby goods brand Happiest Baby wanted to bring the gift of peaceful sleep to parents everywhere with their Boxing Day campaign. Their clever text message invited customers to "check out before the clock strikes 12" to get 40% off the brand’s popular smart bassinet. They also included an exclusive BOGO deal on accessories, like fitted sheets and swaddles, to help parents shop for essential baby items while saving big. 

7. The INKEY List: Announcing (and gamifying) their winter sale

Boxing Day SMS campaign example from The INKEY List

Boxing Day may be the last official shopping holiday of the year, but the revenue-driving opportunities don't stop there. The INKEY List tapped into the post-holiday spirit by announcing one last sale a few days later. In a delightful twist, the clean skincare brand hid three of their best-selling products on their website with a 30% discount, gamifying the shopping experience for their subscribers. 

People are already thinking about shopping and getting ready for the year ahead around Boxing Day. Keeping the momentum going with a winter clearance sale is a win-win. 

Try incorporating some of these strategies into your post-holiday campaigns and January sales to create memorable brand experiences that build long-term loyalty. And check out our SMS gallery, Texts We Love, to find (and bookmark) campaign ideas for Boxing Day and beyond.

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