7 Mother’s Day Campaigns to Inspire Your Marketing Strategy

Mother's Day Text Message Ideas
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SMS Marketing
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Apr 24, 2023
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Kayla Ellman
Kayla is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Attentive. You can find her binge-reading, baking from her (rapidly growing) cookbook collection, or exploring local hiking trails.
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Help your customers celebrate (and shop for) the moms in their lives.

Mother’s Day—which lands on May 14 this year—is ‌a special time to show appreciation for the beloved mother figures in our lives. But it’s also a big spending holiday, which means brands have an opportunity to build meaningful connections with their customers and help them find the perfect gifts for the moms they want to celebrate.

While consumers’ inboxes will be full of Mother’s Day sales and one-size-fits-all recommendations, you can stand out from the crowd by creating personalized and convenient shopping moments for your audience.

From leading with empathy to incentivizing last-minute purchases, we've compiled seven Mother's Day campaign ideas to inspire your marketing strategy.

Mother's Day marketing strategies and examples to try

1. zestt: Taking a thoughtful approach to marketing 

Mother's Day opt out SMS and email examples from zestt

Organic cotton goods retailer zestt understands that Mother’s Day can be a tough time for some people. To honor their customers' unique experiences, the brand offers them the opportunity to skip any content related to the holiday.

Before sending any Mother's Day emails or text messages, zestt prompted their SMS subscribers to reply with the keyword “PAUSE” to opt out of the upcoming campaign. Their email subscribers could do the same by replying “SNOOZE.” On both channels, zestt made sure to let anyone opting out know that they would still get other relevant updates and transactional messages from the brand.

This approach may seem counterintuitive, but it actually helps build trust and long-term loyalty. You're showing that you care about your customers as people and want them to have the best possible experience with your brand.


2. The Bouqs Co: Encouraging early bird shopping

Mother's Day text example from The Bouqs Co

Online flower retailer The Bouqs Co playfully reminds their customers not to put off Mother’s Day shopping by incentivizing them with an early bird discount. Not only does this strategy drive early purchases for the brand, but it also helps their customers avoid the stress of having to run out and find a beautiful bouquet at the last minute.

While flowers are a classic choice for Mother's Day, encouraging pre-orders and early shopping works for any brand that has products people might want to buy as a gift.

3. Catbird: Opening a curated gift shop

Mother's Day text example from Catbird

Brooklyn-based jewelry brand Catbird makes it easy for their customers to find the perfect present with a curated Mother's Day Gift Shop on their website. They foster product discovery on the page with filters that people can use to browse specific items or collections, like “Most Gifted” or “Under $300.” 

And by "opening" the shop a few weeks in advance, Catbird makes sure their customers have plenty of time to place their orders, so their gifts arrive on time or before Mother’s Day.

4. Zales: Personalizing recommendations with Two-Way Journeys™

Mother's Day two-way text messaging example from Zales

Another way to help customers with their Mother’s Day shopping is to offer personalized guidance and recommendations directly via SMS. Zales used Attentive’s Two-Way Journeys™ to create a conversational gift-finder quiz, prompting subscribers to answer a series of questions about who they’re shopping for and their ideal budget.

The experience mirrors what it’s like to shop in person—where someone might ask a store associate for help—leading subscribers to discover and purchase particular items based on what they’re looking for. 

5. McConnell's Fine Ice Creams: Inspiring special outings with in-store offers

geo-targeted Mother's Day campaign example from McConnell's Fine Ice Creams

Mother’s Day is about more than gift-giving. It’s also a day when people spend time with their loved ones or plan a special outing to celebrate. McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams knows this, and they crafted a sweet campaign to drive traffic to their physical stores‌. 

The ice cream company created a segment of SMS subscribers who live near one of their Scoop Shops in California, then sent them an exclusive geo-targeted promotion: two scoops for the price of one, only on Mother’s Day.

6. Bulova: Incentivizing last-minute gift purchases

Mother's Day text example from Bulova

In addition to encouraging early purchases, it’s a good idea to bookend your Mother’s Day campaign with offers that target last-minute shoppers who still want to get thoughtful gifts.   

Watch retailer Bulova sent their customers a timely reminder about shipping deadlines, incentivizing orders with free second-day shipping. Since fast shipping is ‌one of the main reasons people shop online, promotions like this can be the push someone needs to make a purchase and feel confident that their order will arrive in time.

Bulova’s limited-time offer also included a free gift with purchase as an extra push to drive as many conversions as possible before Mother's Day.

7. Tiny Organics: Fostering community and connections

Mother's Day text example from Tiny Organics

Tiny Organics—a baby and toddler food brand—knows that many of their customers are busy moms themselves. On Mother's Day, they invited their SMS subscribers to join their “Tiny Club” Facebook community for a moment of meditation. The message linked directly to the private group, where members could participate in the session and foster connections with other parents.

The live event was a great way for Tiny Organics to celebrate their customers by making space for them to relax and reset. But it was also an organic way for the brand to build their community and create a cohesive experience across SMS and social media.

Need more Mother’s Day marketing ideas? Browse our SMS gallery, Texts We Love, to find inspiration for this holiday and other seasonal moments.

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