5 Tips for Sending Mobile Messages Shoppers Will Love This Valentine's Day

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SMS Marketing
Published on
Feb 11, 2019
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Marissa Sanford
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How can mobile messaging help you win over the hearts of your shoppers while driving revenue this Valentine’s Day?

In 2018, Americans spent $19.6 billion on Valentine’s Day. This year, spending in the US is expected to reach over $20 billion, with 51% of consumers planning to celebrate this special day. As is the case throughout the year, but especially during busy holiday shopping seasons, mobile devices play a huge role in driving sales.

If you want to reach Valentine’s Day shoppers this year, especially the mobile-first ones, you need to have a solid strategy set in place. Here are five tips for engaging shoppers—and showing them love from your brand—through mobile messaging this Valentine’s Day.

1. Celebrate the holiday (even if you don’t sell flowers or chocolate!)

While we traditionally think of flowers, chocolates, and jewelry as gifts for this holiday, nearly every brand can find a reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Among those celebrating Valentine’s Day, a quarter plan to give a "gift of experience," such as concert tickets or a day at the spa this year. By sending the right Valentine’s Day text, with the right message, you can “feel the love” on your bottom line this February, too.

2. Show the love in your text message

This may seem obvious, but you should mention Valentine’s Day in your text message or use words associated with it. Words like “love,” “romance,” “secret admirer,” “kiss,” “Cupid,” etc., will set the mood for Valentine’s Day. Other elements to consider including in your text message to subscribers are heart-felt emojis.

Using emojis or multimedia helps break the text while adding an element of interest that will further engage your subscribers. Just make sure whatever emoji or media you decide to use makes sense for your brand and fits the overall tone. It’s always a great idea to A/B test these elements to see what resonates with your audience.

3. Add in an incentive

Valentine’s Day is a unique time of the year for giving gifts to those we care about, including ourselves. There’s no better way to show love for your shoppers than sending them an incentive, whether it’s a discount code, sale, free shipping, or a free gift with purchase. Your subscribers will appreciate the sentiment as well as the incentive. Here are a few options:

  1. Promote free gift-wrapping or offer to include a personal message in the package.
  2. Offer the option to return gifts with no additional cost.
  3. Send a discount code. Extra props if it’s unique to the holiday, such as “BEMINE20” or “HAPPYVDAY”.
  4. Give subscribers—especially those last-minute shoppers—free 2-day shipping.
  5. Offer a free, small gift with purchase. For example, if you’re a beauty brand, consider offering a free lipstick with a $50+ purchase.

4. Invite subscribers to an in-store event

Many brands hold sales around this time of year to encourage shopping. Stand out from the competition by hosting an in-store event that your subscribers would love to attend. This can be as simple as providing drinks and chocolate while they shop for their perfect date-night outfit, or as big as planning a pop-up shop exclusively for Valentine’s Day.

Using geo-targeting, you can ensure you’re only sending your text message invite to the people who are located in the area of the event: inviting someone who lives in Los Angeles to an event you’re hosting in New York City isn’t the most relevant experience. Use the data you have to show subscribers you’ve created a personalized offer relevant to them.

5. Remind shoppers about gift cards

While it’s not uncommon for any holiday to have last-minute shoppers, it’s certainly an ongoing trend for Valentine’s Day, which sees a peak in online shopping on February 12 and 13. For shoppers who have missed the shipping deadline or have waited a little too long to do their shopping, a gift card for their loved one is a great alternative to rushing out to buy something last-minute.

Send subscribers a text message encouraging them to buy a gift card. If you want to raise the bar even higher, combine this tip with #3 and add an incentive for purchasing a certain dollar amount on their gift card.

Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly—are you ready to show love for your shoppers through mobile messaging? Using these five tips, you’ll be sure to win over their hearts this year, as well as drive mobile revenue.


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