Here's How You Can Build More Intelligent Email and SMS Journeys—All in One Place.

Build intelligent email and SMS journeys with Attentive Email
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Apr 3, 2023
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Candice Sparks
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Work smarter, not harder, across email and SMS to create seamless experiences that drive more conversions.

Your SMS and email marketing channels are the workhorses of your marketing tech stack. And when you can strategically use them in tandem, they become even more effective tools for engaging and converting your audience. 

Consumers use these channels to achieve different ends: They look to SMS for personalized, time-sensitive messages, and they turn to email for more detailed and visually appealing updates. By combining each channel’s strengths into one thoughtful flow, you can create a customer journey that's personalized and relevant to your subscribers (wherever they happen to be), meaning you can drive more conversions.

But building and integrating these touchpoints on separate platforms takes a lot of time and effort. That’s why we launched Attentive Email, your solution for building seamless multi-channel triggered journeys. 

Orchestrate personalized journeys across email and SMS with Attentive Email

85% of consumers who subscribe to a brand’s SMS program also subscribe to their emails, making it all the more important to deliver curated, connected experiences across both channels.

Attentive Email helps you build personalized, multi-channel journeys in a single flow, in half the time it would take to orchestrate between two separate platforms. You can integrate your triggered emails into your existing SMS journeys, helping you convert browsers into buyers with the right message, at the right time, and on the right channel. Here’s how you can use it to build a strategic triggered email and SMS strategy.

Create segments with an a focus on engagement and preferences

The first step to integrating your email and SMS experiences is understanding your audience’s needs and preferences. When you segment your customers based on where they are in their customer lifecycle, you can engage them with relevant and timely personalized touchpoints on each channel.  

For example: Your high-intent subscribers who haven’t made a purchase yet should receive offers and recommendations that’ll help them convert. Your VIP customers, on the other hand, should be nurtured with exclusive content and perks to build brand loyalty. Here are a few ways to segment your audiences to make sure they’re getting exactly what they want across both SMS and email:

  • Purchase history: Tailor your SMS and email touchpoints based on their previous purchases. You can send post-purchase emails recommending ways to use or style and item, and a follow-up text requesting they leave a review or picture on social media.
  • Engagement: Segment your audiences based on how often they engage with your channels, and what types of actions they take. You can take a cue from how—and where—they engage with you to personalize touchpoints and guide them down the funnel. This can include analyzing what products they’ve viewed or added to their cart, which email and SMS they’ve clicked on, and where they signed up for your programs. 
  • Interests and preferences: Collect information about your customers' interests and preferences—including their favorite categories, or products, colors and sizes, and more—to personalize their experiences. When you target your  marketing campaigns and offers to your customers’ needs, you’ll drive a higher ROI.
  • Location: Use geographical information to share relevant updates (e.g., store openings or special events), personalized recommendations (e.g., weather-based or event-based recommendations), and localize your messaging.

Digging into the who, what, why, and where of segmentation will make every touchpoint subscribers engage with feel purposeful. The result? A fully integrated SMS and email strategy that guides shoppers down the funnel, builds loyalty, and increases speed to conversion. 

Personalize your touchpoints to increase conversions

Personalizing your triggered emails and text messages ‌is key to driving conversions. When an email feels tailored to a consumer’s needs and interests, they’re more likely to keep engaging over the long haul. 

Here are some easy ways to personalize your triggered email and SMS marketing touchpoints. 

Use dynamic content

Tailor your emails to each recipient's interests or behavior using dynamic content. You can guide shoppers down the funnel with helpful and relevant content tailored to their valuable first- and zero-party data

For example: If a shopper has previously purchased a certain product from you, you can send them a follow-up email with related products or educational content on how to use their product. You can also retarget them with personalized offers or replenishment reminders via email or SMS after a given period of time. 

Attentive Email customers have found then when they include product-based dynamic content, they see a 26% increase in click-through rates (CTRs). 

Include personalized recommendations

Use data about your subscribers’ past purchases or browsing behavior to share personalized product recommendations. This approach not only shows you understand ‌what they’re looking for, but speeds up the product discovery experience with relevant suggestions they’re likely to click on.

You can get creative with these triggered recommendations, including eye-catching imagery, customer testimonials, and reviews. Consider following up with a triggered text message inviting them to browse how others have styled the items on social media. 

Pro tip: Using Attentive’s Image Generation for SMS and Email, you can personalize your product catalog imagery to match the marketing moment or your customers’ preferences. 

Attentive Email customers who include product recommendations in their triggered email touchpoints have seen a 30% median increase in CTRs and a 37% median increase in email conversion rates (CVRs) compared to those who don’t.

Personalize subject lines

To increase the chances of subscribers opening (and reading) your emails, include their name or other personal information in your email subject lines. Content that makes consumers feel like they know them and understand their interests is more likely to drive action. 

Personalizing your browse and cart abandonment email subject lines with a subscriber’s first name has driven 20+% higher CTRs & 80+% higher CVRs for Attentive Email customers. 

Automatically plan and schedule cross-channel campaigns

It’s no secret that building thoughtful, cross-functional campaigns takes a lot of time. Skip weeks of calendar planning, A/B testing, data analysis, and segment building to create full, multi-channel campaigns using Attentive’s AI-powered Automated Campaigns.

Trained on over 1.4 trillion anonymized data points from 40+ billion messages across 70+ verticals, Automated Campaigns knows who you should engage, what you should send them, and where and when you should send it. 

It’s important to note that you’re always in the driver’s seat with Automated Campaigns. You can focus on what you do best, and delegate the rest to the tool. Every output is fully customizable, so you can decide whether you want to use the copy or segments as-is, or use them as jumping off points. And you get reminders and alerts for approvals, so you can set your calendar and have peace of mind. 

Your customers don’t interact with SMS and email marketing in a vacuum. Instead, they’re engaging with all of your touchpoints as one cohesive experience. When you can seamlessly integrate your two performance marketing channels, you’ll be able to deliver even more convenient, personalized experiences (helping you maximize revenue). And, by doing so in a single flow, you’ll save hours of time.

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