Your SMS Toolkit for Setting and Maximizing Your Strategy [With Templates]

An illustration of SMS marketing planning templates to help you get the most out of your program.
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SMS Marketing
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Jan 30, 2023
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Elodie Huston
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Meet the SMS marketing toolkit that'll help you save time and get the most out of your strategy. 

We all know those moments when you get asked what campaigns you have coming up, or for an update on how your subscriber list is going. You check a few places, write up a paragraph, and pull some screenshots. Suddenly, you’re out 15 minutes (or an afternoon). 

Our SMS planning templates have everything you need to set your strategy and manage your channel, so you can save time and get ahead of requests. From getting started with SMS to optimizing your performance, these plug-and-play templates will help you: 

  • Build and monitor your SMS campaign calendar, so you never miss an opportunity to engage shoppers
  • Create and build upon your SMS strategy, whether you’re just getting started or optimizing your program
  • Measure your success (and share your wins), from ROI to list growth rates and message performance
  • Choose the right SMS platform for your brand, from looking for all the right features to asking potential vendors all the right questions

Save these templates to work smarter, not harder. Future you will say, “Thank you.” 

Not sure what to send, or want a bird’s eye view of your messaging calendar? 

From product launches to seasonal sales, you’ve got a lot of opportunities to engage your subscribers. Stay on top of these moments—and plan your upcoming campaigns—with our 2024 key dates calendar and Campaign Calendar Planning template.

You can fill in everything you’ll need to track your key marketing moments and campaign status. Use it as a single source of truth to: 

  • Track which audiences you’re engaging (and how frequently) 
  • Set campaign message dates and times
  • Draft copy and share message previews

Want to jump right in? 

Want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your SMS strategy? 

Your SMS program has a lot of moving parts. Whether you’re setting the foundation for a successful strategy or looking to optimize your efforts, we’ve got you covered. Check out our comprehensive guide and SMS Strategies Checklist for building a high-pact SMS strategy. 

This easy-to-reference checklist has everything you need to build a successful program, including: 

Want to jump right in? 

Ready to measure your program’s success (or make the case for more resources)? 

Showing the success of your program is dependent on setting the right KPIs from the get-go. Learn how to set your KPIs and consistently report on your channel’s success with our guide to the SMS metrics that matter SMS Performance Overview template

You’ll be able to keep a pulse on what’s working, spot areas to optimize or try something new, and celebrate and share out your wins. Use it to report on: 

  • Revenue driven and ROI 
  • Subscriber growth rates 
  • Performance across message types

PS—Tracking how SMS is impacting your brand’s bottom line is key to making the case for more resources to your leadership. 

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Want to make sure you're using an enterprise-grade marketing platform that can support your needs?

Using the right SMS platform for your brand can greatly impact your audience engagement, revenue potential, and competitive advantage. Our comprehensive guide and companion checklist breaks down the key enterprise-grade features and capabilities to consider when choosing a vendor.

image shows a checklist for choosing an enterprise platform to scale your email and SMS marketing

Whether you want to validate your current SMS provider or are ready to explore new options, use this checklist to make sure you:

  • Have all your bases covered with features and support
  • Ask all the right questions during the vetting process
  • Feel confident in your final decision 

Want to jump right in?

Bookmark these templates to save time and create a single source of truth for your SMS strategy. Share them with your team so they know what you’re working on, your learnings, and your wins. 

Go deeper and discover more strategies for launching and evolving your SMS program, or get inspired by some Texts We Love.

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