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Marketing built for a mobile-first world

Create a new top 3 revenue channel with the most comprehensive text messaging platform.

  • Convert your mobile browsers into shoppers with relevant messaging and offers.

  • Recover potentially lost sales with personalized cart abandonment reminder texts.

  • Build unmatched customer loyalty and keep shoppers coming back for more.

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"Attentive has become an incredibly important part of our brand's digital strategy and overall revenue growth. The platform's capabilities and the team's expertise in the text messaging space are both incredible, and have been integral to our success."
Charlie McMillen
VP of E-Commerce, Steve Madden


Personalized, direct campaigns to boost omnichannel sales

Strengthen customer loyalty, drive foot traffic, and boost online and in-store sales.

  • Achieve omnichannel subscriber growth with sign-up solutions on your e-commerce site, social media, in-store signage, direct mail, and more.

  • Increase foot traffic to your store through exclusive offers sent via text message.

  • Segment geographic areas for location-specific campaigns and exclusive in-store invites.

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"For marketers, SMS is sort of a dream channel: to be that personal and to get that type of engagement and visibility."
Bradley Breuer
Senior Director, Coach

Food & Beverage

Drive in-store traffic with localized mobile offers

Increase foot traffic and build diner loyalty by serving up fresh mobile offers to hungry customers.

  • Increase online orders and engagement with omnichannel sign-up solutions, including Attentive's patent pending "two-tap" sign-up on mobile websites.

  • Use geo-targeting to reach audiences who live near your restaurant locations.

  • Reward hungry customers with exclusive offers or discounts they can redeem in-store to drive foot traffic and repeat visits.

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"Our text program consistently outperforms email when it comes to driving immediate revenue results. We couldn't be happier working with the Attentive team, their expertise in this space is really unmatched."
Shannon Murphy
Senior CRM Manager, Jack in the Box


Discover a new way to reach your community in an instant

Connect with your biggest fans in a direct way.

  • Promote branded merchandise and local events to the most relevant audience, and increase sales using dynamic segments.

  • Alert mobile subscribers about new shows and events, schedule changes, real-time updates, and more.

  • Reward your biggest fans with early access to tickets and pre-sale codes, creating a digital fan club.

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"The instant gratification of texting our fans—whether to give them updates and information or for customer service—before using any other channel is appealing, and our fans love it."
Brian Kaplan
Vice President, EM.Co

Media & Publishing

Harness the power of real-time messaging

Grow an engaged mobile-first audience and build a loyal readership through a new owned channel.

  • Drive opt-ins across multiple channels, like mobile and desktop sites, in-app, social media, email, and more.

  • Segment your audience based on interests and past behaviors, like topics they care most about and stories they've read.

  • Increase pageviews and clicks to your online stories and drive more paid subscriptions.

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