9 Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas to Inspire Your Strategy

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Apr 1, 2024
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Kayla Ellman
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Help your customers celebrate (and shop for) the moms in their lives with these Mother’s Day marketing campaigns.

Mother's Day is coming up on May 12. It's a special occasion dedicated to showering the mother figures in our lives with love and appreciation. The sentiment behind the day is priceless—but we can't forget about the gifts either. 

Consumers are willing to invest in making memories, whether it's with beautiful flowers, thoughtful cards, or fun outings. Their inboxes will undoubtedly be filled with Mother's Day sale announcements and one-size-fits-all gift recommendations. So if you want your brand to stand out, focus on creating personalized and convenient shopping experiences for your audience. 

You'll build meaningful connections with your customers while helping them find the perfect presents for the moms they want to celebrate. 

From leading with empathy to encouraging last-minute purchases, make the day count with these nine campaign ideas and strategies.

1. Offer an opt-out option for Mother's Day content

Mother's Day opt out SMS and email examples from zestt

Mother's Day is meant to be a happy occasion, but it can also be a tough or bittersweet time for people, so it's important to approach marketing around this holiday with empathy. 

Give your customers the chance to opt out of Mother's Day content before sending any emails or text messages about your sales and promotions. (Protip: This is easy to do using Two-Way Journeys™ on SMS.) By acknowledging that not everyone wants or needs to celebrate, you're showing that you care about your customers as individuals and want to respect their well-being and personal preferences.

Be sure to remind anyone who opts out that they’ll still get other relevant updates and hear about timely sales from your brand. 


2. Encourage people to get their shopping done early

Mother's Day text example from The Bouqs Co

One of the simplest ways to make moms feel special? Make sure they can actually open their gifts on Mother's Day. Encourage your customers to plan ahead, rather than procrastinate, by offering an early-bird discount on pre-orders. Not only does this approach boost revenue for your brand through early purchases. It also helps your customers avoid the stress of last-minute gift hunting (or worse, ending up empty-handed on the big day). In other words: it’s a win-win strategy that keeps everyone happy.

3. Create a curated gift shopping experience

Mother's Day text examples from Catbird and Marleylilly

Help your customers effortlessly find and buy presents by setting up a curated gift shop on your website (and promoting it via email and SMS). Group products into categories that allow people to browse specific items or collections, such as your "Most Gifted" products or fan favorites "Under $300." 

Give customers plenty of time to place their orders by launching the shop a few weeks in advance, guaranteeing that their gifts will arrive right on time or even before Mother's Day. 

Another option is to create a conversational gift-finder quiz on your SMS channel, prompting subscribers to answer questions about who they’re shopping for and their ideal budget. This kind of experience mirrors what it’s like to shop in person, where someone might ask a store associate for recommendations. You can easily lead subscribers to discover and purchase particular items based on what they’re looking for.

4. Inspire special outings with in-store offers

geo-targeted Mother's Day campaign example from McConnell's Fine Ice Creams

Mother's Day is about more than gift-giving. It’s also a day when people spend time with their loved ones and plan fun outings to celebrate the occasion. If you have brick-and-mortar stores, combine quality time and great deals to drive foot traffic and in-store purchases. 

Use geo-targeting to connect with local subscribers. Invite them to stop by one of your locations for an exclusive offer that'll make their Mother's Day weekend even more memorable. That could be a free gift for mom with their purchase or a tempting buy-one-get-one offer. Something that shows your customers how much you value their loyalty to your brand, especially on this sentimental day.

5. Promote your products in a sentimental way

Mother's Day text example from Farmacy Beauty

The weeks leading up to Mother's Day are dedicated to helping your customers shop for the moms in their lives. But when the official day arrives, it can be beneficial to take a more organic and non-promotional approach to your marketing messages. 

Instead of pushing specific products, shift your focus to sharing inspiration and ideas for celebrating Mother's Day. Think: DIY gift ideas, recipes for a delicious meal, and other suggestions to make the day unforgettable. By offering valuable content that goes beyond sales, you'll position your brand as a genuine and reliable resource.

Pro tip: If you happen to have digital gift cards available, consider subtly including them as one of your ideas for anyone who still hasn't purchased a gift yet.

6. Share resources to support moms 

non-promotional Mother's Day text example from Nanit

If you know that many of your customers are busy moms themselves, spend Mother's Day—and the weeks leading up to it—making them feel empowered and appreciated.

One option is to host a virtual or in-person event that offers your customers a safe space to relax and reset. Consider organizing activities like meditation or yoga classes and allowing people to register and secure their spot by signing up for email and SMS

Another approach is to launch a donation campaign to raise awareness and funds for a cause that directly impacts moms. 

If you have resources available to support the moms in your brand's community, such as a Venting Vault or a private group where parents can connect with each other, make sure to promote them around Mother's Day. The idea is to go beyond traditional marketing efforts and engage with your customers in an authentic and meaningful way.

7. Bundle popular items into one perfect present

Mother's Day text example from Momofuku

When it comes to gift-giving, there's nothing quite like stumbling upon a carefully curated bundle of someone's favorite items. And it's even better when you can get them all at a discounted price.

Consider creating convenient and thoughtful gift sets for different types of moms. Combine products or services that complement each other, like a selection of skincare products, a scented candle, and a personalized note, for a complete "self-care" package. You can also include exclusive or limited-edition items to make these gift options more appealing. 

Remember, the key is to offer savings, too. The bundles should be priced lower than if each item were purchased individually, so your customers feel like they're getting a great deal (because they are).

8. Celebrate with a limited-time sale 

Mother's Day SMS and email example from Purity Coffee

If you want to make the most of your Mother's Day campaign, the first step is to create a sense of urgency. The easiest way to do that is with a limited-time sale or offer. 

Start your promotions before Mother's Day, then send a mix of email and SMS reminders throughout the sale period, giving people a heads up that the offer is expiring soon. Use segmentation to make sure you're only sending follow-up messages to subscribers who haven't made a purchase yet. 

You should know: AI Pro is designed to help you make the most out of every message you send. It does this by recognizing subscribers at a higher rate and automatically adjusts your audience, adding in high-intent shoppers you might've missed while excluding those who're unlikely to make a purchase. But that's not all it does. Learn more about Attentive AI™ here.

9. Incentivize last-minute purchases

Mother's Day text examples from Brilliant Earth

In addition to encouraging early purchases, round out your Mother's Day marketing with offers that cater to last-minute shoppers who're still looking for thoughtful gifts. 

Send your audience timely reminders about shipping deadlines. By letting them know the last possible dates to place orders, you can ease any worries they may have about their gifts not arriving on time.

Consider throwing in free two-day shipping to further incentivize purchases. This simple perk could be the extra push someone needs to not only make a purchase but also splurge a bit more, knowing that their order will be delivered promptly.

Once the shipping deadlines have come and gone, remind your audience that gift cards are a versatile and convenient option. Highlight the flexibility that comes with a gift card, allowing recipients to choose something they truly want.

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