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7 Father's Day Marketing Ideas to Level Up Your Strategy (and Drive Revenue)

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Published on
Jun 1, 2023
Written by
Kayla Ellman
Kayla is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Attentive. You can find her binge-reading, baking from her (rapidly growing) cookbook collection, or exploring local hiking trails.

Help your customers celebrate the dads, granddads, bonus dads, and father figures in their lives. 

With Father’s Day quickly approaching on June 18, consumers are already on the lookout for the perfect gift to make dad’s day—and they're ready to spend. Among the 79% of consumers who plan to celebrate Father’s Day this year, 47% of them plan to purchase gifts

Keep in mind: This holiday can be sensitive for some people, and not everyone will be celebrating. Consider letting your customers ‌opt out of all content and promotions related to Father’s Day, so they know that you care about their individual needs and preferences.

For those who are celebrating, make sure your brand’s Father’s Day marketing campaigns stand out in customers’ email and SMS inboxes by sharing curated gift guides, timely reminders, and inspirational content that’ll help them make the most of this special day.

Here are seven strategies brands have used to successfully engage their customers, simplify the Father’s Day gift shopping experience, and drive revenue around the holiday. 

Father’s Day marketing strategies and examples to try

1. The Beard Baron: Kicking off promotions with early access for VIPs

father's day text message example from The Beard Baron

The Beard Baron—a beard and mustache care brand—paired a sitewide sale with VIP early access to maximize revenue from their Father’s Day campaign. Customers on the brand's SMS list were allowed to shop the sale ahead of everyone else, creating a sense of urgency for them to click through and take advantage of the limited-time deal before the most popular items sold out. 

Want to borrow this strategy? Think about how you can deliver the VIP treatment in tiers. Give your loyalty members access first, then give your SMS subscribers a few hours to shop before notifying everyone else on your email and social channels that your sale is live.

2. Kodiak Cakes: Inspiring celebrations with recipe recommendations (and dad jokes)

father's day text message example from Kodiak Cakes

Kodiak Cakes turned their Father’s Day sale announcement into an interactive campaign by inviting their subscribers to reply with "RECIPE" for the perfect dish to spoil dad. This playful approach not only made their message more engaging, but it also gave the brand a creative way to drive people back to their site and spotlight specific products. 

Anyone who replied with the keyword received a triggered message with a link to the recipe for Maple Bourbon Chicken & Bacon Stuffed Waffles. When they clicked through to Kodiak Cakes’ website, they could also find—and buy—the protein-packed flapjack and waffle mix necessary to make the recipe for Father’s Day. 

3. CALPAK: Encouraging purchases with a timely reminder to shop

father's day text message example from CALPAK

Travel luggage and accessories brand CALPAK reminded their customers that it was time to start shopping when Father’s Day was less than two weeks away. The brand created a curated page on their website with products “for every father figure” to help anyone who might be struggling to find the right item.

They also invited shoppers to text them back directly with any questions, using Attentive Concierge™ to offer personalized assistance to anyone who needed it. 

4. The Normal Brand: Making shopping easier with a gift-finder quiz

father's day text message examples from The Normal brand

The Normal Brand—a casual wear and accessories retailer—used Attentive's Two-Way Journeys™ to launch a Father’s Day gift-finder quiz on their SMS channel. They asked subscribers to answer a series of questions about the dad they were shopping for, ultimately leading them to a personalized product recommendation. 

The conversational campaign was a fun way for the brand to make Father’s Day shopping easier and more convenient for their customers. To make sure they were being mindful of all their customers' needs, they also provided an opt-out option for anyone who wanted to skip content related to the holiday. 

5. Igloo: Promoting a cool gift with purchase to drive more sales

father's day text message example from Igloo

Igloo—the iconic cooler brand—incentivized Father's Day sales by offering their customers a free gift with purchase. They strategically chose a product that also happens to make a great Father’s Day gift: a stainless steel mug. Or, as the brand positioned it in their promotional message, an upgraded version of the classic "World's Greatest Dad" mug. 

6. Perfect Bar: Sharing a personal story to mark the occasion

father's day text message example from Perfect Bar

While Father's Day is an opportunity for many brands to drive revenue, it’s also a special occasion where you can connect with your audience on a more personal level. 

Perfect Bar—the company behind “the original refrigerated protein bar”—took a non-promotional approach to marketing on Father’s Day by inviting their customers to learn more about their family story. They used the moment to celebrate their dad, the health-food pioneer who started the brand. 

7. Boot Barn: Driving last-minute revenue with same-day gifting options

father's day text message example from Boot Barn

Boot Barn shared their last-minute gifting options a couple days before Father’s Day, knowing that the holiday might’ve snuck up on some people (we’ve all been there). The western wear retailer highlighted their “Same-Day Gift Delivery” service for local shoppers, and recommended e-gift cards for customers who weren’t eligible for local delivery (or who wanted to let the recipient shop for themselves).

The campaign helped last-minute shoppers find the perfect gift before it was too late, while maximizing Father’s Day revenue for the brand. 

Need more Father’s Day marketing ideas? Browse our SMS gallery, Texts We Love, for inspiration from leading brands. And, check out our full 2023 Text Messaging Calendar to find more tips and strategies for key marketing dates.

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