8 Father's Day Marketing Ideas to Level Up Your Strategy (and Drive Revenue)

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May 13, 2024
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Kayla Ellman
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Help your customers celebrate the dads, granddads, bonus dads, and father figures in their lives.

With Father’s Day ‌quickly approaching on June 16, consumers are on the lookout for the perfect present to make dad’s day—and they're ready to spend. Among the 65% of consumers who plan to celebrate this year, 43% of them expect to purchase gifts. 

But remember, this holiday can be sensitive for some people, and not everyone will want to get messages about it, even from their favorite brands. Offer your customers the choice to opt out of all email and SMS content related to Father’s Day, while still getting updates about other exciting offers they might be interested in. 

For those who are celebrating, here are eight Father’s Day marketing ideas to engage your customers, help them make the most of this special occasion, and drive valuable revenue for your brand. 

1. Bundle your best products for the best deal 

Father's Day SMS campaign from Litter-Robot

There are so many different types of dads out there: the Sports Fan, the Bookworm, the Fashionable Dad, the Tech Guru. But Litter-Robot had a particular type of dad in mind for their Father's Day deal: the Cat Dad. 

The brand offered customers the chance to give more while spending less, with $50 off select Father's Day bundles, which included their fan-favorite self-cleaning litter boxes, plus some of their best-selling accessories and pet appliances. That way, shoppers could go all out and create the “purr-fect” set-up to spoil the cat dads in their lives (and their beloved furry companions, too).  

Want to borrow this strategy? Think about how you can put your products in the spotlight with curated gift sets that cater to different types of dads and their unique interests. Your customers will get a great deal, and their father figures will get something extra special.

2. Build loyalty with a giveaway for dads

Father's Day SMS and email campaign from Kodiak Cakes

Kodiak Cakes launched an "epic" giveaway for Father's Day, using their email and SMS channels to generate awareness and entries. The campaign invited customers to share a photo that captures their idea of an epic day for a chance to win a $100 gift card. This clever strategy not only encouraged user-generated content, strengthening the brand's connection with their audience. But it also presented Kodiak Cakes’ customers with a fun opportunity to up their Father's Day gifting game. 

Participants could enter to win the gift card for their dad or even use it to restock their dad's go-to protein-packed treats. But dads themselves could also enter and potentially win a Father's Day gift from their favorite brand.

Keep in mind: Giveaways are a great way to grow your subscriber base, too. Consider updating your sign-up unit to promote the giveaway, and encourage website visitors to enter for a chance to win by opting in to email and SMS.

3. Inspire purchases with curated gift guides 

Father's Day SMS campaign from CALPAK

Sometimes, you know exactly what to get someone. Other times, the right gift just isn't so obvious. And it can be even more stressful when you have to order by a certain date to make sure it arrives in time. 

CALPAK reminded their customers not to panic—and to check out their gift guide instead. The travel luggage and accessories brand created a curated page on their website with products “for every father figure” to help anyone who might be struggling to find the right item. They also invited shoppers to text them directly with questions, and used Attentive Concierge™ to offer personalized assistance to anyone who needed it. 

4. Drop a limited-edition item, just in time for Father’s Day 

Father's Day SMS campaign from Ekster

Ekster launched their Father's Day sale well in advance of the holiday, offering their customers 30% off their entire website. But they didn't stop there. They also introduced a limited-edition color of their popular leather smart wallet, specifically designed for the occasion. 

By announcing this exclusive item early and emphasizing the sitewide discount in the same message, Ekster made sure their customers had ample time and incentive to make their purchases. Additionally, Ekster incorporated a playful brand moment by plugging their dad joke generator as part of their promotions.

Remember: FOMO is a powerful incentive, and people are more likely to make a purchase when they know that the product is only available for a limited time—because they won't want to miss out.

5. Celebrate with a custom sign-up unit

Father's Day email and SMS sign-unit from Little Spoon

Brands often see a spike in website traffic around holidays like Father's Day, when people are browsing around for the best gifts at competitive prices. One way to turn these interested shoppers into email and SMS subscribers? Use your sign-up unit to make sure they know about your limited-time sales or special offers for Father's Day. 

Little Spoon incentivized sign-ups with 20% off plus free shipping for Father's Day. But they also laid the groundwork for customer retention by including a Preference Collection form for new subscribers to indicate their specific product interests. That way, the organic baby food brand could tailor future campaigns accordingly and increase the likelihood of repeat purchases.

Little Spoon also updated their welcome message to emphasize both the offer and the key benefit of buying from their brand: making meal time easier. 

6. Make your messaging personal, not promotional

Father's Day SMS campaign from Bobo's

While Father's Day is an opportunity for many brands to boost their seasonal revenue, you don't have to throw a major sale in order to encourage purchases. Sometimes, a friendly reminder about the approaching holiday—like the one Bobo’s sent their customers—is all that's needed to get people to shop. 

The baked goods brand kept their messaging simple by sharing an easy gifting idea with their audience: replenishing dad's stash of beloved oat bars and snacks. The timing of the message—the week before Father's Day—was just right for anyone who hadn't still hadn’t figured out what to get their "oat-standing" dad‌.

Pro tip: This is a great strategy to borrow if your brand doesn't typically offer discounts. Focus on engaging your audience in an authentic way, and you'll still be able to drive sales and build loyalty. 

7. Drive (even more) sales with fun extras 

Father's Day SMS campaign from Igloo

Finding the perfect gift for the dad(s) in your life is already great, but you know what's even better? Getting them a bonus gift—at no additional cost.

Igloo embraced this concept and incentivized Father's Day sales by offering their customers a free gift with purchase. The iconic cooler brand strategically chose a product that doubles as an excellent Father's Day present: a stainless steel can cooler. Or, as Igloo called it in their SMS campaign, an upgraded version of the classic "World's Greatest Dad" mug.

8. Share timely reminders (and last-minute gifting options)

Father's Day SMS campaign from Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods went the extra mile to make sure that their customers wouldn't be left empty-handed on Father's Day. They kicked off their marketing efforts in May by sharing a curated selection of their most unique gifts, so people could get a head start on shopping. Then, they continued to engage their audience by counting down to the big day and sending helpful reminders about things like shipping deadlines.

Finally, on Father's Day, the Brooklyn-based retailer promoted their digital gift cards, knowing that the holiday might’ve snuck up on some people (we’ve all been there). 

Have brick-and-mortar stores? Use geo-targeting to reach local, last-minute shoppers and invite them to stop by one of your locations to pick up a gift in person.

Need more Father’s Day marketing ideas? Browse our SMS gallery, Texts We Love, for inspiration from leading brands. And check out our 2024 Marketing Campaign Calendar filled with tips and templates for key marketing dates.

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