Attentive Product Spotlight: New AI Features, Email Integrations, and More

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May 9, 2023
Written by
Robert Lorenzen
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Automate marketing campaigns with AI, drive higher subscriber engagement, and keep tabs on program performance.

There’s no doubt that SMS is a high-performance marketing channel. In our 2023 Global State of Conversational Commerce report, 53% of marketers shared that it’s one of their top three revenue generators. 

But getting the most out of every send can be difficult. Our recent marketer survey found that 55% of marketers struggle with list growth, 47% have challenges driving conversions, and 44% are concerned about opt-outs. Today, marketers are being asked to do more with fewer resources. That’s why we’re focused on building products and features that help you do more of the right things, with less effort—especially at a time when cultivating customer loyalty is more crucial than ever. 

Last week at our quarterly product update and customer showcase, Beyond the Message, we gave attendees a look into some of the most exciting features our team has built to solve these challenges and more. Here are the highlights.

Send high-performance messages faster with Attentive AI™

attentive ai gif

Creating an SMS or email marketing campaign takes a ton of work—a lot of which is very manual. You need to analyze data, segment audiences, craft compelling creative and copy, decide on a send time, and then repeat this process many times over.

Attentive AI™uses a real-time learning engine to automate every step in the campaign creation process, saving you and your team hours of effort so you can focus on other strategic work. 

Our model is trained on the world’s largest interactive messaging database––40B+ messages and 1.4T+ customer datapoints across 70+ different verticals. Attentive AI is purpose-built for marketers and embedded directly into your workflow in the Attentive platform. AI features include:

  • [Beta] Automated Holiday Campaigns creates a comprehensive marketing calendar based on the US holidays to increase brand awareness and engagement.
  • [Beta] Automated Product Campaigns enable you to set up recurring messages with personalized recommendations to drive revenue and reengage subscribers.
  • Our generative AI solution, Magic Message, creates compelling copy for SMS and click-worthy subject lines for email in a fraction of the time.
  • [GA] Magic Message image generator converts your product visuals into fresh, eye-catching creative for MMS and email.
  • [Beta] Concierge powered by Attentive AI replies to inbound customer buying questions over SMS in an instant, with responses that sound like your brand.

If you’re interested in trying these products out, sign up ‌for the waitlists for Attentive AI and Concierge powered by Attentive AI

Since we launched Attentive AI in March 2023, we’ve already added three new AI features and have many more features and enhancements planned. In addition to early access, signing up for the waitlist will ensure you’ll get early updates on our fast-moving AI developments.

Check out The Marketer's Guide to Using AI—learn about the different types of AI, pros and cons, and how to incorporate it into your marketing strategy at different stages.

Retarget top of funnel traffic with Session Abandonment Journeys

session abandonment

One of the best ways to drive engagement is to send a message at the perfect moment. Nothing drives conversions like striking up a conversation with a consumer who is thinking about your brand.

According to our team’s research, 20-45% of site visitors don't view just one product page. Historically, there hasn’t been a great way to engage customers who are thinking about your brand and getting distracted by all of the digital noise out there.

Session Abandonment Journeys (GA) help marketers target these top-of-funnel consumers who visit your website but immediately bounce. These journeys allow you to retarget consumers with SMS and email messages tand bring them back to your site, where you can then nurture them through the purchase funnel. Brands that use Session Abandonment Journeys see an average lift of 13% in SMS abandon trigger revenue and 22% in email abandon trigger revenue.

We highly recommend that all Attentive customers add Session Abandonment Journeys to their marketing program, as they’re a great way to drive higher ROI.

Connect Attentive Email to Okendo and Recharge

email and okendo

Over 500 brands have switched from their previous ESP to Attentive Email–and as a result,  they’re seeing an average 84% increase in triggered email revenue.

Over the last three years, we’ve built high-performance campaign and triggered email products, and we’re constantly adding new features based on customer feedback. One of the most requested features is more integration options so users can more easily connect Attentive with other tools in their marketing stack. We hear you, and are continually adding new integration partners to help you get more out of your marketing channels. 

Now you can integrate Attentive Email with Okendo and Recharge. Build journeys to request user reviews and thank reviewers by connecting Attentive Email and Okendo—you can make these journeys multi-channel with SMS and email thanks to Attentive’s unified platform. 

When you connect Attentive Email and Recharge, you can use Recharge data to segment audiences based on their subscription details and send notifications about important information via transactional emails.

Attentive Email integrations for Okendo and Recharge are currently in an open beta. You can try them out today by visiting Attentive Marketplace.

Keep tabs on every detail from the brand-new homepage

homepage mock

Based on customer feedback, we’ve reimagined the Attentive homepage (GA) and made it easier for you to stay on top of your marketing program. See campaign performance snapshots, notifications, tips, and important resources at a glance and quickly spot areas where you could drive higher performance with  your SMS and email marketing program.

If you missed the virtual event or want to rewatch the product updates, customer stories, and strategy sessions, check out the full recording.

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