Your BFCM Marketing Toolkit for Planning and Tracking Your Holiday Strategy

bfcm marketing toolkit
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SMS Marketing
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Sep 25, 2023
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Elodie Huston
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Save these plug-and-play templates to set and maximize your BFCM strategy, from planning campaigns to growing your list.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) is one of the most wonderful (and hectic) times of year for your brand. You know getting the most out of your holiday marketing strategy means planning ahead, but that’s a big ask when you’re working with limited time and resources. 

That’s where our BFCM marketing toolkit comes in. We’ve built a plug-and-play collection of planning templates to serve as the foundation of your holiday marketing strategy, and keep your team on the same page. Simply make a copy of these customizable templates to: 

  • Plan and track your SMS and email messaging calendar, so you can make the most of every touchpoint on your hero channels 
  • Set and manage your SMS and email sign-up strategy, from incentives to sign-up unit types and locations 
  • Check off every planning box to make the most of your SMS program, from growing your list to setting up the right journeys 

Bookmark these templates now to give yourself the gift of time this holiday season.

SMS and Email Marketing Holiday Planning Calendar Template

The holiday season is full of opportunities to engage your subscribers, from sharing personalized product recommendations to announcing major sales. Get a bird’s eye view of these touchpoints across channels with our Holiday SMS and Email Planning Calendar template. 

holiday planning calendar

Fill in your email and SMS campaign calendar, draft message copy, and track the status of your messages. Use it as a single source of truth for your team, so you can: 

  • Track which channels you’re engaging shoppers on 
  • Monitor how often you’re engaging different segments
  • Draft copy, track imagery and email design, and campaign status

Holiday SMS and Email List Growth Planning Template

Whether they’re visiting your website, your Instagram profile, or your store, there are tons of opportunities to convert shoppers into subscribers this winter holiday season. Plan your email and SMS sign-up strategy in a single view using our BFCM List Growth Planning Template. 

sms and email list growth

You’ll be able to track what incentives you’re offering new subscribers (and when) and spot new areas to promote your SMS and email programs. Use it to get a snapshot of: 

  • Where you’re promoting your SMS and email programs
  • What incentives you’re offering new subscribers
  • When you’re displaying certain sign-up units 
  • What information you’re collecting 

BFCM SMS Planning Checklist

There are a lot of moving parts when you’re ramping up for the holiday season. From growing your list to setting up the right journeys, start checking items off our BFCM Preparedness Checklist to make sure you’re maximizing your SMS marketing program this holiday season. 

bfcm sms planning checklist

Set yourself up for holiday success with this easy-to-reference checklist, including: 

  • List growth strategies 
  • Core and advanced journeys that will‌ help you drive revenue
  • Tips for using AI to save time and improve your SMS campaigns 

BFCM SMS Journeys Checklist

You've got a lot going on over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so manually engaging every shopper that visits your site just isn’t practical. Our BFCM SMS Journeys Checklist will help you set up the most effective automated touchpoints ahead of time to engage your subscribers with relevant, timely messages without any of the extra work. 

A preview of a BFCM SMS journeys checklist

Use this easy-to-reference checklist to make sure you’ve got all your journeys covered, including: 

  • Core abandonment and post-purchase journeys
  • Advanced journeys triggered by subscriber and product data 
  • Multi-channel journeys 

BFCM Performance Recap Template

After all the work you’ve put into planning, it’s important to celebrate the success of your BFCM strategy with the rest of your team. Our BFCM Performance Recap template will help you call out your top wins, year-over-year growth, and more.  

A preview of a BFCM performance recap template

Plug in your email and SMS success metrics to get your team excited about all you’ve accomplished with SMS and email, including: 

  • Program ROI 
  • Daily revenue performance 
  • Subscriber growth 
  • Campaign wins 

Holiday Fulfillment Checklist, from the experts at ShipBob

Shoppers will be flocking to your site this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Prepare for this significant uptick in demand with this helpful Holiday Fulfillment Checklist created by ShipBob, a global omnifulfillment solution trusted by over 7,000 brands.

A preview of a holiday fulfillment checklist by ShipBob and Attentive

Reference this checklist to make sure you’re ready for holiday shoppers, including: 

  • Forecasting demand 
  • Planning your unboxing experience
  • Creating a shipping calendar 
  • Training your team

BFCM Loyalty Program Checklist, from the experts at Friendbuy

Cyber Week is customer acquisition prime time. But engaging your brand loyalists can help you drive more conversions, increase average order values (AOVs), and nurture brand advocates. This easy-to-reference BFCM Loyalty Program checklist from Friendbuy, a loyalty and referral solution, breaks down how to tap into this valuable audience.  

A preview of a holiday loyalty program checklist by Friendbuy and Attentive

You’ll learn the most important to-dos to complete before, during, and after the holidays: 

  • Identifying your VIPs
  • Rewarding VIPs with early access or referral rewards
  • Driving new members back to their loyalty dashboard

BFCM Referrral Program Checklist, from the experts at Friendbuy

Drive sales (and build loyalty) by encouraging your brand advocates to make referrals. Check out Friendbuy’s BFCM Referral Program checklist to set your referrals strategy and start engaging your loyalists.  

A preview of a BFCM referral program checklist by Friendbuy and Attentive

Covering everything you need to do before, during, and after the holidays, this checklist will walk you through how to: 

  • A/B test your referral offer
  • Encourage advocates to share your BFCM promotions with their friends
  • Nurture referred shoppers who haven’t made a purchase yet

We hope these plug-and-play templates help you save time and ensure your team has a single source of truth, so you’ll be on the same page during your most important time of year.

Want to get inspired by how other brands have achieved holiday success with SMS and email? Explore our 2023 BFCM Planner to unlock SMS message templates, a webinar to help you set your BFCM strategy, and more. 

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