How Wren + Glory Use SMS to Enhance Personalization and Customer Experience

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YoY increase in onsite conversions

Learn how Wren + Glory incorporated Attentive and Gorgias into their Shopify technology stack, increasing purchase volume by 230% year over year.


Wren + Glory brings wearable art to the world with their unique hand-painted clothing. The fashion retailer surprises and delights their fans by releasing new collections each month that feature one-of-a-kind designs, top-of-the-line fabrics, and made-to-order fits.


One of the brand’s agency partners—Disruptive Digital—recognized that a more direct, personalized communication channel could help Wren + Glory engage the traffic they were driving to their website via paid social ads. Because Wren + Glory’s products are handmade-to-order and tend to have a lengthier purchase consideration cycle than more traditional retailers, the agency recommended SMS.

Their customers often have questions about things like sizing, and roughly 50% of people take more than a month to buy. We felt that having more engagement from a personalization and customer service standpoint was important to help the business grow.

- Maurice Rahmey, Co-founder & Co-CEO, Disruptive Digital


Disruptive Digital, an Attentive Agency Partner, knew SMS would be the optimal channel for Wren + Glory to reach their mobile-first customers with personalized, 1:1 conversations. The brand chose Attentive and Gorgias—an Attentive Technology Partner—as their text message marketing and helpdesk solutions to leverage their integrations with Shopify, ease of use, and scalability.

Personalization and attention to detail are paramount to Wren + Glory’s sales process. We liked that Attentive allowed us to apply granularity and automation to provide more personalized marketing to both prospects and existing customers at scale. And with Gorgias, we realized it was very easy to understand what actions a website visitor had taken within Shopify prior to asking for customer service, so we could always be ready to help them where they were in their journey.

- Maurice Rahmey, Co-founder & Co-CEO, Disruptive Digital

With help from the teams at Attentive and Gorgias, Wren + Glory’s integrated SMS marketing and customer service programs were up and running within two weeks.


When shoppers first visit Wren + Glory’s website on mobile or desktop, they’re greeted by Attentive’s “Email-First” sign-up solution, which allows the brand to grow their email and SMS subscriber lists simultaneously. With Attentive’s “two-tap” sign-up, the subscriber simply taps a button to load a pre-populated text message and hits send to begin receiving messages. In addition to providing shoppers with an easy, seamless way to opt in to a text message marketing program, brands like Wren + Glory are able to collect 3x more emails on average.

Working with email and SMS marketing agency Insaan, Wren + Glory uses Attentive to regularly send out campaign messages to subscribers promoting the release of their latest collections. And by using Journeys—Attentive’s triggered text messaging functionality—the brand can automatically send engaging text messages to subscribers throughout the entire customer lifecycle. These texts are triggered based on subscriber behaviors—with options for welcoming new subscribers, reminding subscribers of products they recently browsed or added to their carts, and promoting loyalty programs, reviews, and other post-purchase activities.

Wren + Glory ensures their messages are highly relevant using Attentive’s Segment Builder, which enables them to tailor messaging based on subscribers’ purchase and engagement histories. The brand also uses Attentive’s built-in A/B testing functionality to understand which messages resonate most with their subscribers, comparing performance between different copywriting and imagery.

We utilize the integration between Attentive and our email marketing platform to send text messages to email campaign non-openers after 24 hours. This way we avoid overwhelming customers who opt in for both SMS and email marketing materials.

- Andrea Nandoo, Co-founder, Insaan

And with Attentive’s integration with Gorgias, the brand is able to deliver personalized, responsive service. Wren + Glory automatically forwards all text messages to their customer support team. Each text appears in the customer support team queue within Gorgias so representatives can quickly resolve issues and send responses back to shoppers via text message.

This really enables two-way conversations between brands and their customers. And the customers never know two platforms are involved—it feels seamless on the customer’s mobile device.

- Chris Lavoie, Technology Partner Manager, Gorgias

Using Gorgias’ pre-made responses—called macros—Wren + Glory can quickly respond to customers’ most frequently asked questions.

The macros are a great tool for us. We often get the same questions every day, so being able to use our macros and fill in the relevant customer information is very helpful and time-saving.

- Kristin Yoo, Customer Service Representative, Wren + Glory

Gorgias also enables Wren + Glory to view a customer’s history with the brand, such as their past orders. This way, when they receive a text message inquiry, representatives can enter into the conversation with the context they need to personalize responses and resolve issues quickly.

Our customers are really happy with our fast resolutions. Gorgias and Attentive help us answer questions quickly without having to wait for an email. I typically complete well over 150 communications per week. It’s great for us and our customers, and definitely benefits our sales process.

- Kristin Yoo, Customer Service Representative, Wren + Glory


Incorporating Attentive and Gorgias into their technology stack helped Wren + Glory harness the power of their paid social strategy, increasing purchase volume by 230% year over year, with onsite conversion rates growing by 32% over the same time period.

SMS plays a huge role in our sales. It helps us reach our customers and gain their attention. And by integrating with Gorgias, we can easily communicate with our customers in real time. It’s a very quick and user-friendly process.

- Gloria Bijou, Co-owner & Designer, Wren + Glory

With high click-through and conversion rates on their campaign and triggered messages—including a 42.2% CVR on cart abandonment text message reminders—Wren + Glory has achieved a 27x ROI on their overall SMS marketing program.

The ability to follow up with users via SMS and more easily handle customer service requests allows Wren + Glory to close more sales for products with a high purchase consideration cycle.

- Maurice Rahmey, Co-founder & Co-CEO, Disruptive Digital
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