Texts We Love: Earth Day Edition

Earth Day SMS Ideas
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Apr 4, 2022
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Kick off April with these Earth Day marketing ideas to help consumers go green.

Earth Day is just around the corner (April 22nd), and many brands are celebrating with shoppers through eco-friendly messaging and charitable initiatives.

More than ever, consumers want to know what your brand stands for. Our new report shows that 44.1% of consumers rank supporting a brand’s mission and values as a key reason to continue engaging with them. And because text messaging is so personal, sharing the causes your brand cares about via SMS is an effective strategy to connect your brand’s mission with your customer’s values—ultimately driving loyalty.

Explore six Earth Day marketing ideas that will help you connect with your audience all month long through eco-conscious text messaging campaigns. 

Michaels: Inspiring subscribers to go green with Earth Day activities

Michaels inspired their SMS audience to get creative on Earth Day with a curated collection of craft projects. The arts & crafts retailer spoke to subscribers’ preferences by sending these child-level crafts to their “Kids Shoppers” segment—subscribers who had browsed or purchased kids’ products in the past. 

The included GIF showcased seasonal crafts while also promoting #MakeItWithMichaels and customer art. The direct link took subscribers to Michaels’ curated “Earth Project” collection, where they could discover projects by skill level, explore step-by-step instructions, and shop for materials. By A/B testing this campaign, Michaels could identify which messaging resonated best with their audience for future craft campaigns.

The Art of Shaving: Recommending earth-friendly alternatives

The Art of Shaving recommended their sustainable shaving soap to SMS subscribers as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic packaging and pressurized shaving cream. The shaving and skincare brand’s sustainable product promotion made it easy for subscribers to feel good about their shopping choices and a truly “clean” shave.

The text message’s graphic showcased both the soap and the plastic waste customers could  avoid. This informative Earth Day tie-in highlighted the brand’s sustainable efforts, encouraging subscribers to reduce, reuse, and restock.

Skechers: Driving online & in-store traffic with seasonal flash sales

Footwear brand Skechers showed their enthusiasm for the environmental holiday by promoting an Earth Day flash sale. The day before, the brand shared the limited-time offer details and on-theme discount code with their SMS audience.

Skechers included a nature-inspired GIF to emphasize the generous 25% off discount. While the length of the offer created a sense of urgency, the online and in-store discount encouraged product discovery and larger orders (“$100+”). 

Bloomscape: Giving back with environmental partnerships

Online plant retailer Bloomscape got their SMS subscribers involved in their sustainability initiatives by donating a percentage of their sales to the non-profit organization, The Greening of Detroit. The text message linked subscribers to an educational blog post, where they could learn more about the fellow Detroit-based organization their orders would support.

This Earth Day initiative was close to the Bloomscape team’s mission, allowing them to act locally with the support of their national audience. Their engaged SMS subscribers were also grateful for the opportunity to give back and plant it for the planet.

Earth Echo: Weaving sustainable values into the customer journey

Vitamin and supplement brand Earth Echo launched a customized Earth Week sign-up unit on their mobile website to simultaneously grow their SMS and email lists. The brand weaved their mission into this important step of the customer journey, highlighting how new subscribers would be supporting the brand’s “earth-friendly projects”—like sustainably sourced ingredients and non-profit partnerships.

Website visitors were greeted with this seasonal pop-up, promoting the unique free shipping and duffle bag incentives in return for signing up. The brand also teased the exclusive deals of their “VIP SMS Program” to further encourage opt-ins.

Threadless: Supporting charitable initiatives with curated collections

Threadless—an online retailer supporting independent artists—promoted their “Threadless Causes” initiative with a curated Earth Day collection. Both Threadless and participating artists donated a portion of the proceeds to support communities directly impacted by climate change or nonprofits fighting for social and environmental justice.

Threadless infused their playful brand voice and included an adorable product image to entice subscribers to shop green. The brand sent this same message to two different subscriber segments—VIP customers and high-intent subscribers who have viewed a product but not purchased—allowing them to easily track their engagement and reception of the social impact messaging.

Sharing the causes your brand supports on Earth Day creates authentic connections with your audience, while helping your brand make a difference. By weaving this eco-conscious messaging into your subscriber’s journey, you can build the foundation to continue promoting sustainable efforts year-round.

Browse hundreds of text messaging campaigns sent by our customers in our SMS gallery, Texts We Love, and bookmark some SMS inspiration for Earth Day and beyond.

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