Texts We Love: St. Patrick’s Day Edition

St. Patrick's Day SMS Examples
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SMS Marketing
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Mar 14, 2022
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Let your SMS channel be your lucky charm this year.

This St. Patrick’s Day, consumers are expected to spend $6.9 billion—and your text messaging channel can help you get some of that pot of gold. Since St. Patrick’s is a more unique marketing holiday, it’s a great opportunity to get creative with unexpected incentives, seasonal products, and gamified experiences.

Explore some of the ways brands engaged their SMS subscribers and drove mobile revenue around the lucky day.

Coffee Beanery: Using SMS to deliver a gamified experience

Coffee Beanery brought out the fun of St. Patrick’s Day with a “Lady Luck” promo code challenge for their SMS subscribers. The brand blocked out the secret codes in their first campaign, teasing subscribers with their potential discounts. Come top o’ the morning on St. Patrick’s Day, they revealed the codes and built excitement around the limited availability of the deals. 

Not only did the limited promo codes help Coffee Beanery manage their discounted revenue, but it also added an element of luck and gamified the text messaging experience. The brand rewarded their SMS subscribers by giving them the early scoop.

Chowdaheadz: Inspiring subscribers with seasonal product launches

Chowdaheadz—a New England-based apparel brand—tapped into their St. Patrick’s Day-loving customer base with their seasonal t-shirt promotion. They added a seasonal twist to their featured t-shirt of the week, delighting subscribers with a joke about the holiday’s origin.

The percent-off incentive and timely reminder (“Get In Time For…”), drove subscribers to act quickly and take advantage of the wicked awesome deal on festive gear so they could be the life of the Paddy (and avoid getting pinched). 

Drink Poppi: Capturing subscribers’ attention with St. Patrick’s Day puns

We love a good pun here at Attentive. And so does prebiotic soda brand Drink Poppi. Their team tapped into St. Patrick’s Day as an opportunity to remind SMS subscribers of their ongoing Amazon deal. The brand clearly explains the discount and call to action (“Press the link…”), driving incremental revenue with the subscription option’s higher incentive.

Staying true to their brand voice, the seasonal image, punny messaging, and festive emojis added some “pop” to the text message. The campaign’s green product tie-in and existing offer reminder was a great low-lift strategy to re-promote an enticing deal.

SEIKO: Incentivizing purchases with free seasonal gifts

Watch manufacturer SEIKO promoted their Seiko 5 watches with a lucky free gift via SMS. The limited number of free nylon straps created a sense of urgency, while allowing the brand to manage the gifted inventory. 

SEIKO included a festive shamrock-themed GIF to showcase how the free gift can switch up the watch’s style, adding an extra push for subscribers intrigued by the deal. The timely messaging (“Act fast!”) and exciting element of luck drove subscribers to shop on a holiday that’s not often associated with gifting or discounts. 

Mrs. Prindables: Creating unique gifting moments to spread the luck

Gourmet apple company Mrs. Prindables created a unique gifting moment with special edition St. Patrick’s Day goodies. They showcased their signature gourmet apples with a seasonal green touch in the text message’s image. The brand ended with a clear CTA and direct link to all St. Patrick’s Day desserts, fostering product discovery and larger orders around a less common marketing holiday.

Since these special editions products were only available for a limited time, SMS subscribers were quick to click the link and purchase. This seasonal strategy promoted gifting around less popular marketing holidays, standing out among competitors and driving mobile revenue.

St. Patrick’s Day is a unique opportunity to experiment with your SMS campaigns and find new ways to engage with your audience. Don’t rely on luck to grow your SMS program this St. Patrick’s Day. Try implementing some of these festive strategies to find the mobile revenue and stronger customer relationships at the end of the rainbow.

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