Smart Recommendations: Your Personalized SMS To-Do List

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Jun 21, 2021
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Mike Greene
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Our latest updates—from Smart Recommendations to pre-built text messaging templates—will help you make more informed decisions, in less time. 

If you’re an e-commerce marketer, you have a lot on your plate—and a very limited amount of time to do it all. For SMS marketing specifically, there are so many opportunities to engage your subscribers and drive conversions—but staying on top of them all can feel daunting, especially if you’re running a program all by yourself (or with a small team). We want to help you take full advantage of Attentive’s capabilities, without working overtime. 

With our newest updates, you’ll be able to scale and optimize your program—and reach your goals faster. 

“Smart Recommendations” to uncover more revenue-generating opportunities

Smart Recommendations, a new feature within Attentive’s platform, ensures you never miss out on key revenue-generating opportunities. Recommendations are displayed primarily based on what you have and have not done in Attentive, with the goal of identifying new opportunities—like thanking subscribers for their order or reminding them to check out the items in their cart—and ensuring you’re confident in executing your next step toward success.

Each recommendation is paired with learning resources—and crafted with best practices in mind—to help you achieve your goals quickly. As you implement our recommendations, new ones will take their place so you’ll always be maximizing your opportunities to drive revenue and build loyalty, without the guesswork. 

Whether you’re new to text message marketing, or you call yourself an SMS marketer, Smart Recommendations are here to remind you what part of your SMS strategy to build out next (so you can throw away all those sticky note reminders stuck to your computer). 

Pre-built templates for Attentive Journeys to help you create effective messages, faster

Pre-built templates are another tool we’ve created to help you be more efficient when creating automated journeys. These pre-built templates for Journeys are designed for optimal performance based on industry experience from our work with thousands of customers. Plus, with the templates already built out for you, setting up a new Journey—such as browse abandonment or post-purchase—is as simple as a few clicks. 

These templates can also help you quickly decide which touchpoints are most important for reaching your goals, and give you the ability to add high-performing, personalized messages to the customer experience. 

Once your journey is up and running, you can focus on customizing the experience for subscribers through branching—for example, creating a different cart abandonment flow for consumers shopping on desktop vs. mobile. Using Attentive’s pre-built Journey templates helps ensure you’re driving more revenue from your SMS marketing program sooner rather than later. 

“Auto-winner” for A/B testing to optimize performance

To achieve maximum results on your text messages—which is most often measured by ROI revenue driven—you have to figure out what content resonates most with your subscribers. The best and fastest way to discover your highest-performing content is through A/B testing. 

Should you use emojis? Are MMS or SMS messages more effective? What tone resonates most? Do subscribers prefer longer or shorter messages? These are just a few examples of questions you’ll want to find answers to when building out your text messaging strategy. 

By A/B testing your text messages within Attentive, you’ll soon have the answers to your burning SMS questions—backed by engagement data from each message sent. We’re making this easier than ever with our “auto-winner” for A/B testing.

Auto-winner will automatically choose the highest performing message variant after it’s sent to a specified percentage of your list. The winning variant will then be sent to the remainder of your subscriber list, so you don’t miss out on those extra clicks and conversions.

With powerful testing features like auto-winner, you’ll learn exactly which messages perform best, without spending hours creating your test and manually analyzing the results. 

When you choose Attentive as your SMS marketing partner, you’ll get access to features like these and more to help you achieve text messaging success as quickly as possible. We understand that marketers today are juggling more tools in their tech stack than ever before. 

And with consumers expecting more personalized experiences, we want to help you spend as much time as possible giving your audience what they want so you can nurture those relationships and continue to find more revenue-driving opportunities.

Want to see examples of high-performing text message campaigns sent by thousands of our customers? Explore our SMS gallery, Texts We Love.

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